What is Shockwave?

Shockwave is a four-day trip for middle and high school students to Laguna Beach, Florida. Throughout the week, students will learn about and experience God through sessions led by Aaron Jordan, 212 student pastor, Dr. Chris Farley, our senior pastor, and through worship led by our River Creative Team. Students will also get to be a part of small groups led by our trained volunteers where they can share and talk through everything the Lord is teaching them. They will have fun competing in tribal war games, dance-offs, learning to trust through the art of team work, supervised swimming, volleyball, meeting new friends, the option of baptism, & many other great & exciting elements.

Why does The River have Shockwave?

The River believes in pouring into the next generation and teaching them to love and follow Jesus with their whole hearts. We have Shockwave in order to create a focused, distraction-free environment where students can hear the truth of God’s Word, be challenged in their own personal walks with Jesus, and just have a blast hanging out with other students at the beach!

When and where is the next Shockwave?

June 15th – June 19th, 2015
@ Laguna Beach Christian Retreat
Panama City Beach, Florida

How much does it cost?

Early Registration by March 1: $349.00

$75.00 non-refundable deposit due now.

Late Registration by May 1: $399

How can I sign up for Shockwave?

  1. Grab a Shockwave 2015 packet from Guest Services Kiosk at The River during one of our Sunday experiences or on Wednesday at 212.
  2. Sign up online TODAY:


What can I expect as a parent?

We want to inform you and give you as many details as possible to make sure you know your student is taken care of. We know how important your student(s) are to you, and we want you to know that they are important to us as well! Here are several ways to stay informed and get all of your questions answered:

Our 212 staff hosts a parent meeting on The River Campus prior to the trip each year. At this meeting, you will get a booklet that includes arrival and departure times, a list of suggested items to bring, security info, FAQ’s and every other piece of information you need to know in order to help prepare you and your student for the trip.

Parent Info Booklets

Miss the parent meeting? Forget to take detailed notes? No worries. We have the booklets available below for download with the specific details.

Trip Details

  1. Who can go to Shockwave? Any student in the 6th through 12th grade as of the Spring of 2015
  2. Where is Shockwave? Laguna Beach, Florida  

How can I stay informed about what is going on at Shockwave?

We want to do everything possible to let parents in on what’s happening at Shockwave. Here are the ways you can stay informed throughout the week:

The River or 212 Student Facebook Pages

We’ll be posting daily videos or pictures on the internet for you to keep up with. Find them on Facebook.

Staff Social Media Pages

Follow some of The River staff or 212 staff on their personal social media pages as they post updates throughout the trip.



1. What kind of adult supervision is provided?
We will bring our 212 volunteers to serve as small group leaders and supervision for our students. Each volunteer will be trained, background-checked, and interviewed.

2. Will there be trained medical staff accompanying our group to Shockwave?

3. Will my student be able to take a cell phone?
No. Because we believe this trip has the potential to be life-changing, we want to eliminate anything that might distract students from focusing on God. However each 212 volunteer or counselor will have a phone. Contact numbers will be given to parents during the parent info meeting before the trip.

4. What should I do if I have more questions?
Bring your questions to the parent meeting. We will cover all of the trip details and have a time for you to ask any remaining questions you have. Also, you may contact student pastor, Aaron Jordan at


Every year we have people sponsor students to go to Shockwave and have in turn seen students’ lives eternally changed due in part to their generosity.

If you would like to sponsor a student, visit the The River Giving Page and can give online in the “other” box – please make sure that you specify that it is to sponsor a student for Shockwave. If you would like to give a check, you can do that as well! Simply fill in “Shockwave Sponsorship” on the “other” line on an offering envelope and place your check in the offering buckets when they get passed around on a Sunday.