Our Senior Pastors

Meet Dr. Chris Farley

Pastor Chris Farley is a pastor, author, and a visionary leader who has been deeply involved in the spiritual formation of others for over twenty-four years. Called a cultural architect by some, his heart’s desire is to create churches that unchurched people love to attend. Chris is known for his motivational and informative communication style which has taken him around the world speaking in conferences, colleges, leadership summits, in addition to the local community of faith. He holds degrees majoring in Psychology and Business Administration. Chris also holds a Master of Theology. The most recent academic achievement of Chris would be that he received his Doctorate of Psychology in 2013.

In 1999, Chris and Melinda accepted the position as Senior pastors and have successfully led The River from the original 16 voting members to a weekly attendance of over 1,100. He lives on the Gulf Coast with his wife and their two sons, Chase (20) and Chandler (17).

If you want to learn more about Chris, and see what’s on his mind, what he’s up to and what drives him each day, follow along and connect on Facebook.

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Meet Melinda Farley

Spending just a few minutes with Melinda Farley gives you the desire to change, the courage to stay committed and the information to make your dreams a reality.

Melinda is a mom, a pastor’s wife, a successful business woman, entrepreneur, and conference speaker. But most of all, she’s a woman of God. Melinda loves God and people and it can be seen in everything she does. Raised in a pastor’s home, her life’s mission since a child is to raise up a mighty army of God-chasers!