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We believe you were not made to do life alone. Doing life together with other followers of Christ is essential to our spiritual growth.

Don’t worry—we know meeting new people can be a little scary. Because of that, we make it easy to check out a new group and then exit the group if it’s not a good fit for you. No strings attached.

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Host a LifeGroup

What Does A Host Do?

H – Have a heart for people

O – Open your home

S – Serve some refreshments

T – Tell a few friends

A host will also facilitate the discussion time for the group.  We don’t call you a leader at this point because you have six weeks to “test drive” facilitating a group.  If after six weeks you want to continue, we will help you take the next steps to becoming a LifeGroup leader.

LifeGroup FAQs

What are LifeGroups?

LifeGroups are small groups of people (usually 8-12) that meet in someone’s home for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.

What goes on at a LifeGroup meeting?

Though each LifeGroup differs in how they do things, many LifeGroups have a social time in the beginning, then transition to a time where they discuss questions from the selected curriculum and pray for each other. At the very beginning of the LifeGroup, the whole group decides how much time they will spend on social, discussion, and prayer time (as well as the order in which they take place).

What if I don't like the LifeGroup I visit?

Sometimes visiting a LifeGroup is like trying on shoes. You may have to try a couple of LifeGroups out to see which group is the best fit for you and your family. It is ok to visit multiple LifeGroups before deciding on which one to join.

Will I be called on to pray at the LifeGroup meeting?

Don’t worry we won’t call on you to pray during a LifeGroup meeting. You may always volunteer to pray but we won’t require you to pray out loud in front of other people.

Do I need to know a lot about the Bible to attend?

No. People that attend LifeGroups are at all different levels of their spiritual journey. We don’t expect you to know everything about the Bible. It is always ok to ask a question related to the Bible in your group time if you don’t know the answer.

When and where do LifeGroups meet?

We encourage LifeGroups to meet weekly, because it’s hard to build relationships only seeing each other a couple times a month. Groups choose to meet when and where they want: in homes, at restaurants, evenings or mornings, weekdays or weekends.

Is childcare provided for each LifeGroup meeting?

Some LifeGroups offer childcare, while others do not. You can request to be part of a LifeGroup that offers childcare. Often the group members contribute to pay a babysitter or babysitters to watch the children during the group time. Each LifeGroup determines how it will handle their own childcare needs.

How often do LifeGroups meet?

Most LifeGroups meet weekly. Some groups meet for three weeks out of the month and either take off the fourth week or do a social activity together. Due to vacation schedules, LifeGroups consisting of married couples with children often do not meet during the summer.

How long does each LifeGroup meeting last?

Each LifeGroup picks the length of time they will meet. However, most groups meet for an hour and a half to two hours.

What do LifeGroups study?

Most LifeGroups follow the sermon based notes and questions for their study time. However, some groups choose their own curriculum to study.